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About Us


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Fourways Plant Ltd is a family-run business and was established in 1984 as a ‘one-stop-shop’ scaffolding company considering customer satisfaction a priority. Over years of nurturing with high-quality and professional service we have thrived and have grown from strength to strength.

We are now renowned and are considered as one of the best in the business. Our extensive and high-level client list and contracts secured is a testament to this. Initially based in Edmonton, North London where our head office is located, we have expanded over time and in 2004 we opened a further base in Fordham which covers Cambridgeshire and beyond.

A financially sound company with a history spanning over 33 years, we aim to be offering our professional and highly acclaimed services for many years to come.

Mission Statement

Fourways Plant Ltd epitomises professionalism. From first contact, to surveying, design, construction and dismantling, our team is at your service. Longevity of sound customer relations is our aim. Over 33 years of providing solutions to all our client base, we have maintained excellent working relationships incorporating trust, reliability, time and schedule management, quality, cost, efficiency and safety as our foundations. These have been proven to be our pillars for success to which we will always adhere.


Our team members are equipped with the experience and professional attitude which Fourways Plant Ltd thrives on. From our office staff through to scaffolders and apprentices, all are customer focussed and approachable. All are specifically trained to deliver high quality service and product and are fully educated in health and safety.

Transport & Logistics

We have a very large fleet of vehicles to cater for any size contract. Our drivers are fully trained in advanced driving. Our vehicles are stringently tested and checked daily.

Fourways Plant Ltd recently became a bronze member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and it is our intention to maintain this accreditation with the view to always improve.

Our transport departments ensure drivers are disciplined and carefully schedule each contract on a daily basis.

Quality and Compliance

All of our works carried out are checked by our inspectors to ensure quality, compliance and health & safety. All of our scaffolders are regularly checked for alcohol and drug use.

Fully Insured

Fourways Plant Ltd is fully insured with Employers, Public and Products Liability policies each with indemnity limits of £10,000,000 and a Professional Indemnity Liability limit of £1,000,000.

All vehicles owned by Fourways Plant Ltd hold full comprehensive cover.


Fourways Plant Ltd is an active supporter of apprenticeships and always have several apprentices within the company. All are supervised by advanced scaffolders and are supported by the Company throughout their college education and exams.