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All Contracts Managers at Fourways Plant Ltd are advanced scaffolders and are always available to meet clients and survey any site required for scaffolding services. Each is approachable and professional and will always give the best possible advice to find a solution to your needs. 

In-house design & engineering

Our design engineers at Fourways Plant Ltd take into consideration the clients’ requirements to professionally draft designs incorporating all the required aspects of engineering and health and safety to provide a solution to each mandate. For more complicated mandates the engineer(s) would meet the client on site to discuss each possible challenge and solution.

Commercial, industrial, residential & specialist services

Fourways Plant Ltd has a long history of providing scaffolding services for any eventuality. We have secured contracts for terraced residential homes, large mansions, shop refurbishments, large chemical factories, dockyards and listed building, for example V&A Building and The Tower of London. We have never been daunted or too proud to refuse any contract.

Hoist and lifting apparatus

We have a specialist hoist team excelling in lifting apparatus from rope and wheel to various size hoists. The team work closely with all our scaffolders and will visit sites to ensure successful installation and safety. 

Birdcages & Platforms

Fourways Plant Ltd are experts in constructing internal and external birdcages and platforms in any size required up to 50M after which these are regulated to be specifically designed, where our engineers can also assist. 

Temporary and rolling roof

Fourways Plant Ltd has the vast experience of constructing temporary and rolling roofs of any size required with the assistance of our in-house design and engineering  

Shoring & false works

We have often been contracted to scaffold many sensitive shored sites and false works where expertise and experience are required  

Access scaffolds and staircases incl. HAKI

Access scaffolds and staircases are incorporated into much of our contracts and we are highly experienced in the use of HAKI products. We always ensure we have a large stock of HAKI products to carter for any eventuality. 


Fourways Plant Ltd have constructed gantries from a few square metres up to 400 metres square. Most gantries are designed by our in-house engineers who take into consideration size, use, location and surroundings and health and safety. 

Conservation & Restoration

Fourways Plant Ltd prides itself in winning contracts within the conservation and restoration arena. Many of our contracts have been to scaffold listed buildings and national treasures where sensitivity and high levels of consideration is demanded. 

Hanging scaffolds

We are experts in hanging and suspended scaffolding where health and safety is of huge importance. Our in-house engineers and on-site advanced scaffolders ensure each construction is successful and safe. 

Enclosed areas / restricted access / lift scaffolding

Our team is fully trained to work in enclosed areas and/or restricted access and is often required to work within lift shafts 

Emergency scaffolding

Fourways Plant Ltd is often called upon for emergency scaffolding whether it be for fire damage or subsidence. We also work closely with loss adjusters who invariably have tight timeframes. 

Hoarding / Monarflex / Heras fencing

We are able to provide hoarding, Monarflex and Heras fencing for any of our scaffolds as required. 

Alarms / lighting

Many of our scaffolds, whether it be residential or commercial, require alarm systems and/or lighting which we can provide upon request. 

Erection & dismantling – schedule/time sensitive

All scaffolders employed by Fourways Plant Ltd are customer and health and safety conscious. They adhere to all regulations and are considerate to customers, their neighbours and the public whenever on site and when erecting and dismantling. 


Weekly scaffold inspections by an advanced scaffolder or equivalent are a regulatory requirement which we can conduct if needed.