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Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge


Kettle's Yard is an art gallery and house in Cambridge and is owned by Cambridge University. It was originally the Cambridge home of Jim Ede and his wife Helen.
Moving to Cambridge in 1956, they converted four small cottages into one idiosyncratic house and a place to display Ede's collection of early 20th-century art. Ede maintained an 'open house' each afternoon, giving any visitors a personal tour of his collection.
Funding from the University and from The Heritage Lottery Fund has enabled a major building project to create a four-floor education wing, improved exhibition galleries and a new entrance area and café.

The principal contractor employed Fourways Plant Ltd from inception. With the exception of the front façade, the entire building was demolished. The façade was held in place with EFCO shoring system using scaffold to secure. This was a sensitive contract with a new building being erected and fixed back to the front elevation with continued scaffold variations occurring throughout the works’