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Minster Court, City of London


Minster Court is a complex of three office buildings, completed between 1991 and 1992 and designed by architects GMW Partnership. During the final phase of fitting-out on 7 August 1991, there was a fire in the atrium of No. 3 Minster Court, which caused a serious delay in completion. The style has been described as “postmodern-gothic”.
An unusual neo-Gothic office building, it created some raised eyebrows, as it deviated significantly from the standard rectilinear office building formula well-established in the City: although some other buildings also differed from the norm, there was no tradition for neo-Gothic in the City in recent decades.

The 3 office buildings received full internal refurbishment. Fourways was instructed to install a large gantry at the rear and a 45 metre tall, 2 tonne hoist within the large atrium.