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Salters Hall


The Worshipful Company of Salters is one of the Livery Companies of the City of London, 9th in order of precedence. The Company originated as the Guild of Corpus Christi, which was granted a Royal Charter of incorporation in 1394.[1] Further Charters granted the Company the authority to set standards and regulations regarding the products of its members.
Salters' Hall, St. Swithin's Lane, was home to the company until it was bombed in 1941. The Hall was the meeting place of Presbyterians during the 1700’s and, in 1719, the site of the ‘Salter’s Hall Controversy’ became a notable turning-point in religious tolerance in England. The present Salters' Hall on Fore Street dates from 1976 and was designed by architect Basil Spence, best known for his work on Coventry Cathedral.

Fourways Plant Ltd was commissioned by the principle contractor to design and build scaffold around this complex-shaped building. The structure included large gantries, access towers and was fully Monarflexed. A lifting beam was also installed around the perimeter of the roof to assist with glass installation.